A Solid History: David Johnson’s Work in the Office and in Charity

They say good things start with a single step and this is certainly true of David Johnson. From the very beginning, everyone in David’s life knew he would accomplish his goals, but they never realized just how far he would end up going. Today, David is a partner at Cane Bay Partners, but there is much more to his story. Not only does he devote his time to helping his clients, but he also commits himself to raise money for charities and has been instrumental in helping those whose homes have been ravaged by hurricanes.

David Johnson’s Education

He got his start with a Business Administration degree in management from the University of West Georgia. Although this degree was certainly a good start to his professional career, he chose not to stop there. David believes education is essential and he decided to continue to go to school to earn his master’s degree. He got a Master’s Degree of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University.

Once he graduated, David began working in the business world and has held many valuable positions, helping companies rise to the top and ensuring their continued success. His start in the business world came as Regional Project Administrator for Earth Tech. Later, he provided services as Vice President of Client Services at TranDotCom Solutions, LLC.

As discussed above, David Johnson is now a partner for Cane Bay and he loves the work he does for his clients. Being able to help clients improve their business operations and protect their bottom line has been enjoyable and he continues to thrive in the business world.

His Charity Efforts

David Johnson and other partners have worked tirelessly to raise money for hurricane victims. In 2018, the group donated $45,800 to the St. Croix Long-Term Recovery Group to ensure relief and recovery efforts were put in force to help hurricane victims rebuild their communities. One of the big focuses of this charity is help in replacing residential roofs torn off during the hurricane.

It is clear to see that David Johnson is a busy man, but he is never too busy to help out those who need it most. David feels privileged to be able to help people and he and his firm will continue to do so every chance they get.

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