An International Consulting Firm Helps the U.S. Virgin Islands Recover From Disaster

With a focus on the financial services industry, Cane Bay Partners has helped companies all over the world become more efficient and competitive. Unlike most others in the same line of work, Cane Bay is based not in the United States or Western Europe but the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Far from seeming like an odd duck at its headquarters in the Caribbean, though, Cane Bay has established itself as one of the most generous and committed members of the community there. In addition to being a responsible corporate citizen when business as usual is the rule, Cane Bay has made notably effective efforts to help out with some of the islands’ most pressing challenges.

In 2017, for example, two ferocious hurricanes ripped through the U.S. Virgin Islands one after another. Either storm would have necessitated a difficult and delicate period of recovery, but having two descend on the territory so quickly was entirely unprecedented.

Under founders like David Johnson Cane Bay, however, helped ensure that life could get back to normal as quickly as possible. The company’s efforts ensured that the damage from two especially devastating storms was kept to an absolute minimum.

Lending a Hand in a Time of Dire Need

Tropical storms are a fact of life in the U.S. Virgin Islands, just as they are throughout the rest of the Caribbean. As such, various means of speeding up the recovery from routine storms have become fairly well established over the years.

Those systems, however, were almost immediately overwhelmed in the fall of 2017, when two record-setting hurricanes made landfall within a couple of weeks. With the usual responses being clearly inadequate, a few leaders in the U.S. Virgin Islands stepped up to make sure that those who needed help would receive it.

Responsiveness Pays Off for Thousands

That meant putting together and delivering huge shipments of survival supplies while navigating the destruction that was making life so difficult. The nonprofit established by Cane Bay to coordinate this effort succeeded in making sure that all the resources it had gathered were deployed as effectively as possible. In the end, that turned what could have been a far deadlier disaster into something much more manageable.

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