Discover How the MPP is Helping to Change Laws

Some people use marijuana for medical relief, while others use it for recreational purposes. Either way, some of these people wind up facing criminal charges for possession of marijuana. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is leading the way to reforming the United States marijuana laws.

Facing Possession Charges

More people are arrested for possession of marijuana each year than the number of people arrested for violent crimes. Furthermore, 87 percent of these arrests are for possession rather than sale or manufacturing of marijuana. People who possess marijuana, including ones using for medical purposes, are getting arrested every day.

Lobbying for Legislation

The MPP is lobbying for legislation to permit seriously ill people to use medical marijuana upon the recommendation of their doctors. Patients who have cancer and other ailments can get relief by using marijuana and should not be penalized for doing it.

Regulation Instead of Prohibition

The MPP is lobbying for regulation rather than prohibition. Plus, they are getting the necessary media coverage to raise awareness about these regulations and why it is essential to change them for the benefit of patients. This media coverage also helps reduce the impact of deceptive ad campaigns on the decriminalization of marijuana.

Gaining Support

To help move legislation forward, the MPP is building coalitions of supportive companies and people who are willing to advocate for marijuana policy reform. As more citizens lobby for these reforms, legislation is being updated to ensure innocent people will not be arrested for possessing marijuana.

Removing Penalties

People who go to jail with hardened criminals because they are arrested for possession of marijuana can face a lifetime of related problems. The MPP is seeking to eliminate these types of arrests that can hold people back from getting work, professional licenses, and more just for having marijuana in a pocket or handbag.

When there are violent crimes being committed every hour, it is crucial to redirect resources to stopping them rather than arresting people for possession of marijuana. The MPP is helping to make necessary changes that will end the days of criminalizing people because they possess marijuana for medical or recreational use.

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